It sounds like BaliHomesOnline is a real estate website in Bali, and Dayu is the agent responsible for managing the properties listed on the website. Having an agent like Dayu who knows all the owners of the listed properties can be beneficial for both buyers and sellers. Here are some potential advantages:

1. Negotiation Advantage: With Dayu’s knowledge of the property owners, buyers can potentially have an edge in negotiations. Dayu may be able to provide insights into the sellers’ motivations, allowing buyers to make more informed offers.

2. Trust and Transparency: Buyers can have confidence in the transparency of the transactions since Dayu is familiar with the properties and their owners. This can help ensure that buyers don’t overpay and that the property’s condition matches the description.

3. Property Matching: Dayu can assist buyers in finding properties that match their specific preferences and needs. By understanding the owners and their properties well, Dayu can recommend suitable options.

4. Efficient Transactions: Having a knowledgeable agent like Dayu can streamline the buying process, making it more efficient and less stressful for both buyers and sellers.

5. Local Insights: Dayu may also provide valuable local insights about the neighborhoods and communities where the properties are located, helping buyers make informed decisions.

Overall, having an agent like Dayu who is well-connected and knowledgeable about the properties and their owners can enhance the real estate buying and selling experience in Bali. It can contribute to smoother transactions and ensure that buyers get good value for their investments.